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Love, sex and death: What my fiancé's death taught me about the afterlife, Salon 2017
Seeing the spirits of the dearly departed didn't bode well for me living a normal childhood. While it felt entirely natural to me, my toddler conversations with long-dead relatives didn't do much for my mother's nerves, and my introversion didn't win me many friends.

Hope and Horror on the Day of the Dead, HuffPost, 2016
If James Bond careening through Mexico City in Spectre tells us anything, it's that the city is bursting with life on Dia de Muertos, the day it celebrates its dead. In macabre costumes and skeletal faces, painted and embellished with glitter and beads, locals take to dancing in high-spirited street festivals that pulsate with more gusto than Mardi Gras.

A Gift Before Dying, HuffPost, 2016
People are usually curious about or uncomfortable with my choice to sit with the dying. The truth is that being invited to share someone's space as they prepare to leave this world is a great honor. It's an opportunity to be of service in one of life's two most profound moments.

Grief: No Apology Needed, Beliefnet, 2016
Much has been written about what not to say to the bereaved and for good reason. While we are gasping for space to absorb the shock that has overwhelmed our very being, others often feel helpless and strive to fix us or make us better. As if that were possible.

Fantastic Healing & Spiritual Phenomena, HuffPost, 2016
Brazil was capturing public imagination long before the Rio games with stories of fantastic healings and spiritual phenomena. Its healing tradition was made famous by Chico Javier who was posthumously awarded the title of "The Greatest Brazilian of all time."

Light Shines on the Secrets of Newgrange, Daily Belfast, 2015
It's a regular occurrence at the mound on the hill: the arrival of busloads of chattering schoolchildren more interested in a day off than the Neolithic monument, which has, for millennia, confounded antiquarians, unnerved locals and sparked debate. Is it a tomb, an astronomical observatory, home of pagan gods, a passage between worlds?

Mixed Views on Ireland's Marriage Equality Referendum, Irish Echo, 2015
Little Ireland, the oft forgotten European backwater awash in Catholic conservatism and priestly overlords was propelled onto the international stage last week with the most progressive vote in its entire history.

Reiki & An Unexpected Afternoon, Riverdale Press, 2015
It's still somewhat uncommon to find a keen interest in complementary or integrative healing therapies outside the New York vegan yogi set that slips off to India or Machu Piccu for Christmas.


Hope and Wisdom in Comforting the Dying, Riverdale Press, 2016
Each day, ordinary Riverdale residents arrive at a hospice on Henry Hudson Parkway and volunteer to sit with the young and old, rich and poor, religious and non-religious, comforting them during their last days.

A Call For Decency, HuffPost, 2016
After the acrimony of the last few months and this post-election week in particular, it is gratifying to see people speaking about unity and tolerance. Each side has thought the other bigoted, and many deep seated fears need to be allayed. The solution, therefore, is not to respond by hating haters, but neither is it to tolerate the intolerable.

Yoga Bliss, Riverdale Press, Apr 2015

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